Carolyn Fink Steel


Steel Sculptures

steel sculptures buttonIt is hard to describe the emotions I feel as I work and what I hope the viewer feels when they see the finished piece. As my skills are continuously challenged and honed, and I continue to learn from my friends who are some of the best and most experienced artists around. My artistic voice grows too. The work is simple. You see it, there it is and my intention is that the viewer may experience a bit of the peace, joy, relief or hope that I feel as I work. Images of recent work.

Since graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design, I have worked continuously in the graphics and advertising field. Print media, logo identities, and Web were my outlet to creative design. Most of these years were spent with agencies, but in 2000, I decided to freelance as my children were still small. So it was a series of events in 2004 that swept me into the process of learning to master steel. An advertisement in the Kalamazoo Jottings section for artistic welding classes at Smartshop caught my eye. I never thought about welding before, and this just sounded cool. It was many months before the beginner class was scheduled on a night other than Boy Scouts or soccer. Finally, I could attend. Holly Fisher was an inspiring teacher and soon we traded print graphic and Web work for a discount on classes. It was a super arrangement.

Many of my pieces have a bird or two in them. While in a particularly stressed period in life, my daughter brought home a poem by Emily Dickinson, Hope. "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul..." I see a hopeful day ahead whenever I work on a bird.

Recently, I was juried into the Signature Artist Co-operative of Kalamazoo. They are a very talented group and are a lively bunch who work hard to keep the Arts active in the area.