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Print or Web: let's create something together

Drawing a blank? I can help. Providing designs that are visually more appealing, grab attention and make a clear, positive statement is what I do for a living. So together, we can start from a blank page and bring it to a professionally finished product that will send a clear message to your audience. See some samples now.

Steel: my 3-dimensional alter ego

See Steel SamplesFiring up the forge, hammering red hot steel, grinding the rust off a piece that was once discarded in a tangled heap… I will continue to work in this media since it is both challenging and very rewarding to create art from unusual discarded objects, giving a bit of metal a second life or new beginning. Every piece and every day is a surprise.

A few years ago, freelancing led me into a wonderful trade agreement with Holly Fisher, who taught artistic welding at Smartshop here in Kalamazoo. Currently several pieces of mine are for sale at the Midtown Gallery, also here in Kalamazoo. More about my work in steel.

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